standing8 (standing8) wrote,
The Standing 8:
8. Chicken Curry from Kazoku
7. Nintendo Wiiiiiiii
6. Swing Girls First and Last Concert DVD
5. Rhodes Piano
4. A Standing 8>A Bathing Ape
3. Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller
2. Japanese Pod 101(An awesomePodcast that teaches you Japanese)
1. Domokun

Top 8 Things I Fantasize Doing For A Living:

8. Write freelance for cool magazines(Like Vice or Mass Appeal or something along those lines)
7. Be an art director for a cool magazine(I totally admire the guy who does the art direction for the video game magazine Play)
6. Own a sneaker boutique(This wouldn't work out cause i'd keep all the shoes for myself. Someone would call in asking if we have a particular size and i'd go "no, all sold out.", all the while driving the shipment to my house)
5. Work at a record store(Talking and listening to music all day would be cool)
4. Own a comic shop(If working at a comic shop could pay the bills, I would literally murder for this job)
3. Professional photographer(.....for Penthouse or Hustler. Just i'm not)
2. Being the local T.V. weather guy in San Diego(Yeah this last one would never, ever happen but it would be the easiest job in the entire fucking world. I would literally walk in 30 seconds before I came on the air and when they said "Now here's a look at our weather." I'd go in one fluid motion walking from one side of the screen to the next without stopping only to turn my head and say: "it's warm.")
1. One man band(Are you kidding me?! You know how dope this would be?! The respect and admiration alone is enough to sell me on this career choice. Tell me you wouldn't get all kinds of play from the ladies looking like this, I dare you)

^Now with 80% more Dishwasha!
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