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certainty/the greatest song of all time:

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there are things that are certain in life, things that are absolute. from the short amount of time i've been alive on this earth, i know of a few things that are always constant: the sky being blue, water being wet, fire being hot. things that will never change no matter how much time passes. among these things that im 100% sure of is that "sexual healing" by marvin gaye is the greatest song of all time.

most people will cite "let's get it on" as his best "mood" setting song but the real heads know that "sexual healing" is the ONE. "let's get it on" is a classic in its own right but its turned into such a cliche that its allowed this sleeper to sneak in there and take that top slot. his lyrics on this song, legendary. when he starts the song with the line: "baaaaaby, i'm hot just like an oven, i need some lovin'/and baaaaaby, i cant hold it much longer, its getting stronger...and stronger." you know its over. its fucking over. when he says these lines, in all honesty i think the chances of a guy getting laid increases by 20%. and while that may not sound like much, believe me, to guys...IT'S ALOT. and as the song progresses, the more marvins voice and lyrics sink into the brain, our chances of getting some just continues to increase exponentially to the point of 100% certainty.

a friend of mine put it best when he said that "sexual healing" by marvin gaye has the greatest beat of all time. hesitant at first, eventually i had to agree with my man right here. the production on it is classic, this beat is the epitome of "baby making music". it has that mid tempo count thats juuust right, not too quick to have to dance fast and crazy to and not too slow where you're slow dancing to it. its that smooth groove that gets heads in that "awwwww shit" type of mode, i fucking lose my shit when i hear it. you know what i mean? when you hear a particular beat of a song and all of a sudden all else cancels out and your focus is 100% on the song.

marvin is the epitome of soul music and this song just proves it. not just because of the beat, not just for the lyrics as a whole but simply because of one line in the song. its the line that goes: "you're my medicine, open up and let me in. darlin' you're so great, i cant wait for you to operate." <- goddamn, that has to be the illest line uttered in any song EVER in the history of music. working "i cant wait for you to operate." in a song titled "sexual healing" is so fitting its genius.

what more can i say? if marvin gaye + X = the greatest song of all time, X will ALWAYS be "sexual healing", i'm certain of it.
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