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50 people i wouldnt mind see die or get killed:

1. kevin kline
2. nick lachey
3. jessica simpson
4. ashlee simpson
5. pink
6. macy gray
7. condi rice
8. steven soderberg(cause he ruined oceans 11 by making oceans 12)
9. whoever came up with the horrible switcharoo ending for oceans 12
10. head of the FCC michael powell
11. the cop from 5 years ago that patrolled the park late that one night and disrupted me getting "helmut" from a girl ive been trying too hook up with for a long time.
12. the local news guy that reports the weather in hawaii
13. bill o'reilly
14. bill o'reilly
15. bill o'reilly
16. tucker carlson
17. brendan fraiser
18. any child actor from the disney channel who tries to have a music career
19. jerry falwell
20. richard jefferson of the nj nets
21. eminem
22. sean hannity
23. whoever decieded to take "family guy" off the air
24. whoever's responsible for NOT allowing birth control pills to be dispensed in vending machines
25. seamus blackley
26. the bitchmade pussy that threw that beer on artest
27. stuttering john formerly of the howard stern show and now on "the tonight show" with jay leno
28. jay leno
29. antonio tarver
30. marvin gayes father(even though he's probably dead already)
31. yoko ono
32. whoever shot jam master jay
33. whoever decieded to make "saved by the bell: the collage years"
34. whoever created mesh t-shirts
35. whoever created male capri pants
36. star jones
37. meredith viera
38. star jones
39. joy behar
40. star jones
41. elisabeth hasselback
42. star jones
43. barbara walters
44. jaime kennedy
45. justin timberlake
46. whoever had sex with elisha cuthbert last
47. whoever deemed dry humping in public "inappropriate"
48. you
49. you
50. and you(you know who you are)
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