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played out for the 2004 summer season:

every now and then i gotta get some things off my chest.

played out:

8) trucker hats:

trucker caps were fresh for like oh id say 6 months. i wanted one at first but i waited too long to get on the bandwagon and missed it completely. come to think of it, i think even SAYING that trucker caps are played out is played out. its okay though, im currently trying to bring back cazals to wear in tandem with bucket caps again. dmc will be proud.

7) people talking hip hop slang in a mocking way:

we get it, we get it. you cant talk street slang in its intended normal way cause youll look/sound mad stupid doing it and im sure that angers you so you say it in a mocking way so that you can say it, but not really say it. good for you. and i find it HILARIOUS when some black people come around, you shut the fuck up and completely cut the "hip hop" talk from your vocabulary all of a sudden. s.h.o.o.k.

6) being super duper patriotic:

9/11 was three years ago. you can put away the 20 american flags you have draped everywhere around and outside your house now, thanks.

5) everyone and their momma trying to dress like pharrell from the neptunes:

its one thing biting him by wearing truckers caps but please stop trying to bite his whole wardrobe style. i can see it now: bapestas, tight fitting vintage rock shirts and oversized belt buckles are gonna be hood and very, very played out in the near future. actually pharrell isnt even rocking vintage rock shirts and huge belt buckles that much anymore, whatever though.

4) adding -izzle and -eezy after every word in the dictionary:

look, this is how it works. when you have people in the suburbs using it in their everyday lingo, its over. thats when its officially run its course and its no longer cool to do. and this is something thats been played out for awhile now. im gonna add talking like dave chappelle doing rick james here too while im at it. oh and the same goes for saying herrr and thurrr. anyone saying any of the above should get punched in the back of the head.

3) nick lachey, jessica simpson, ashlee simpson, the cast of 7th heaven, paris hilton, her backstreet boy boyfriend and linkin park.

2) girls with a tattoo on the small of their back:

why is it everytime i see a girl in the summer time 19 out of 20 of them will have a tattoo on the small of their back? did they all just get together one day and decide that from that day on every girl HAS to have one of these? its so cliche now its lost all of its hotness.(there are exceptions, cause some girls are so incredibly fine i could care less about a tattoo, or a third arm for that matter) i use to see a fine girl with one and just melt, but now i see one and go: "jesus christ, heres the phone number for an original idea, good god please call it." and its always something lame like a tribal symbol, a chinese character or a dolphin. thats it. its never a snowman or a lawn mower or the word "standing8" or anything really bad ass like that.

1) writing about things that are played out is VERY played out.

that is all.
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